The One World – Romance and intrigue in the Aztec Empire

by TL Morganfield

Fugitives of Fate – A One World Romance

Fugitives of Fate - The One World, Book 1Tenochtitlan, Mexico 1526—but not as history remembers it…

Driven by fiery visions of the end of the world, Aztec Emperor Cuauhtemoc averted the Spanish Conquest, and now he seeks to end the inter-tribal fighting that would have condemned the empire. When he discovers a woman from his visions working in his palace, he knows he must win her trust: only the infamous La Malinche can help him turn his enemies into allies.

Malinali has spent her whole life in slavery, passed from one abusive master to the next, and to her, Cuauhtemoc is no different than the other noblemen who’ve made her years miserable. Cuauhtemoc, however, is a determined man, and with time and work, her suspicion turns into trust, and trust grows into love.

But is love enough to truly change destiny? Especially when the shadow of unraveled history threatens to turn them into the enemies they were meant to be?

Heat rating: Red Giant for on-screen sexual content and moderate violence.

Publication date: 2015
Page count: 324pgs
Retail price: $14.99 paper, $3.99 digital

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