Algorithms of Love

by R. Daneelia Giskardi

Algorithms of Love


Nadja Graves doesn’t have time for sex or romance: that coveted valedictorian honor she’s been doggedly pursuing is now just a few weeks–and a couple challenging finals– away from finally being hers. Not to mention that dream job with New Tyco’s Legal Division that hangs in the balance. She must focus and not stumble at the finish line.

But a chance encounter with the android she’s been crazy for since she was seventeen is about to change her mind about that, and about a good many other things.

For years, Detective Duncan Derovich has been searching for love, with seemingly every woman he meets, but the last thing he expected was to find the real deal with his best friend’s daughter. Having lived his whole life among humans, he’s quite aware of their many rules about dating, but an android’s nanites are never wrong: when they say it’s love, there is no arguing with it. And why would he want to throw away the only woman who has ever made him want to be monogamous? Especially when he can’t get enough of her in bed?

Heat rating: Blue Super Giant for frequent explicit sexual scenes, coarse language, and mild violence.

Publication date: 2017
Page count: 165pgs
Retail price: $3.99 digital

The Passion Protocol


Five years ago, Darius Morganstern left the android home world to escape the pain of his past. He used to hunt terrorists, but now he investigates bank robberies for the New Tyco Planetary Bureau of Investigation, and avoids social contact outside of work. He only reluctantly attends his partner’s wedding out of politeness.

But an unexpected kiss from a beautiful woman in a cab that night reawakens desires he’d thought gone forever after losing his wife to a terrorist’s bomb.

Reeva Johannes is nursing her own wounds. A year earlier, the love of her life left for work and never came back. The investigation into his murder is ongoing, but her life is at a standstill. At least until she meets the gorgeous agent who’s been keeping her former lover’s case alive. It feels so wrong, lusting after the man so closely linked with Mac’s case, but for the first time since his murder, she feels something other than emptiness. And with Darius proving true all the rumors about male android sexual prowess, how can she say no?

Yet with Darius’s nemesis determined to claim the one victim that got away, perhaps following passion isn’t such a good idea. For either of them.

Heat rating: Blue Super Giant for explicit sexual scenes, coarse language, and moderate violence.

Publication date: 2017
Page count: 199
Retail price: $3.99

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