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The Last Summer

The Last Summer, children's literature by XM Dysert Samantha Kirby is just ‘one of the boys’: she plays ball, spits with the best of them, and she’s really handy with her fists. Even Sam’s older brother brags about how many boys she’s whipped in a fight. She lives in her favorite faded overalls and Davy Crockett cap, and she has no interest—or intention—of being a girl now, or ever.

Summers in the woods of North Carolina have always been the best, what with building forts and tree houses, riding bikes, and swimming in the river with her best friends. But this summer is shaping up to be anything but great. Nick arrives from San Diego not just bigger than last year, but also more rebellious. And with her own inevitable changes looming, Sam fears her days as ‘one of the boys’ is ending.

But worst of all, her best friend Kevin is moving to Japan at the end of the summer. She can’t imagine him no longer living across the street or sitting with her on the school bus. But she’s determined to make the most of this last summer together, no matter what….

Content rating: T Tauri – for mild violence. Age recommendation: 11+

Publication date: 2016
Page count: 163pgs
Retail price: $2.99 digital

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